#104: Loc Journey - The First Five Months

Remember way back when I was considering dreadlocking my hair? Well, I bit the bullet and joined the Loc community.  Five months in and I love it. There are times where I get annoyed with the lack of length to my hair. When I was a Loose Natural I often wore my hair stretched either by blow outs or pressing it straight. Now that I'm loced, my hair is always in its shrunken state. I'm not too pressed about the issue because before you know it, my locs will be down my back.

May 2015 - Initial Loc Installment

Loc Update May 2015 Pic 1 -www.shalandaleigh.com.JPG
Loc Update May 2015 Pic 2 -www.shalandaleigh.com.JPG

The first month was the roughest. My hair didn't even graze my shoulders! I wore a lot of beanies and scarves in May. Even when when the hair began to drop (second picture), I still wasn't feeling my comb coils.

June 2015

Loc Update June 2015 Pic 1 -www.shalandaleigh.com.JPG
Loc Update June 2015 Pic 2 -www.shalandaleigh.com

During this time I noticed budding of some of my ends and the hair in the back. I trimmed a few starter locs in the front because the heat damage from my last pressing was too severe to ever kink back up. I tried my first updo, a play on Milk Maid braids, to welcome in summer vacation. (And yes, I can definitely use make-up to enhance my natural features!)

** I don't have any pictures from July 2015 **

August 2015

Loc Update August 2015 Pic 1 -www.shalandaleigh.com
Loc Update August 2015 Pic 2 -www.shalandaleigh.com

More budding was occurring which caused my hair to drop a bit more. I really appreciate the fact my loctiation allows my baby hair to do its own thing. I often wore my hair in a small side ponytail during this month.

September 2015

Loc Update September 2015 Pic 1 -www.shalandaleigh.com
Loc Update September 2015 Pic 2 -www.shalandaleigh.com

The humidity in Florida was getting to me so at my last appointment I opted for an updo. I wore it for about two weeks before taking it down to properly oil my scalp. I also have some official baby locs which is giving my hair more fullness. These first five months have been a test of patience. It's like doing the Big Chop all over again. Stayed tuned for more updates!

#103: Minimalist Nail Polish Collection - Fall 2015

#103 Minimalist Nail Polish Collection - Fall 2015 - www.shalandaleigh.com

I'm trying to get better at taking care of my nails while maintaining a small collection. I've gone from over 80 nails colors to 20 polishes not including base/top coats, nail treatments and quick dry drops. I say that is quite a downsize but I don't think I'm done yet.

For each season, I've chosen 5 colors to put in rotation. With Fall now here, I thought I would share my choices with y'all. Maybe it may help you the next time you stop by Ulta to pick up a new color for this new season.

#103 Minimalist Nail Polish Collection - Fall 2015 - www.shalandaleigh.com

#102: Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear x Assembly New York

With just a few more weeks until summer ends, I decided to get an early start on reviewing collections. Yes, I'm well aware that New York Fashion Week and its Spring/Summer 2016 are showing but let's just live in the now for the time being.

First up is Assembly New York. The collection was a mix between burglars and cowboys, which leave me craving dark colors and an amazing pair of wide leg trousers.

Below I've chosen my top 3 favorite looks  that I hope to recreate in a more real-life wearable way. The theme of the 3 chosen were all about layering. An oxford under a sweater or cardigans and moto jackets peeking from underneath a fuller coat. 

Luckily for me, around December I can rock these looks while enjoying date night with my husband.

If you would like to see the entire Fall/Winter 2015 collection, click here.


Below are my favorite 3 looks from Assembly New York's Fall 2014 collection. What I like most about this designer is how the pieces are more wearable than they are theatrical. I have a plaid vest I thrifted a year ago that is exactly like the first look!  


Perhaps I should start posting outfit of the day? What do you think?